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Occupational Therapy for Children and Adults

Occupational Therapy for Children and AdultsOccupational Therapy for Children and Adults

Facilitating whole body healing using the foundations of neurological development.


We are opening up online services to continue our support of mental, physical and emotional well being. 

Our Philosophy

 At Foundations we approach each diagnosis and functional difficulty by looking at the whole picture and treating the body systems according to their neurological connections. With each condition whether it be learning difficulty, visual dysfunction, head injury, stroke, trauma recovery or alignment discrepancy our aim is to treat at the neurological root of dysfunction.    


"The infinite diversity of external manifestations of cerebral activity can be reduced ultimately to a single phenomenon - muscular movement"                  

- I. Sechenov 1965

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We use movement and structural quality to assess cerebral function and neurological integration of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. This integration is foundational for developing and re-gaining functional cognitive and motor ability. 

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This nerve net of peripheral pathways leading to the spinal cord and to the brain 

{processor of peripheral and central nerve information} facilitates healthy autonomic nervous system functioning. This allows for appropriate balance of "fight and flight" and "rest and digest and learn". 



MNRI, reflexes, therapy, brain trauma, PTSD, occupational, holistic, adults, pediatrics,

- Trauma Release

- Circulatory Systems

- Musculoskeletal alignment.

- Reflex Integration

What we often think of as our brain, which dictates how smart, confident and successful we will be, is just the processor of the countless signals received from the net of nerves which run the course of the entire body. This reality gives us countless ways to support, influence and introduce change to the untouchable intracranial brain. 

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